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Flutter widget that automatically resizes text to fit perfectly within its bounds.

A pluggable, mockable platform abstraction for Dart.

Library that allows you to display progress widgets based on percentage, can be Circular or Linear, you can also customize it to your needs.

Lightweight and blazing fast key-value database written in pure Dart. Strongly encrypted using AES-256.

A flutter plugin for adapting screen and font size.Guaranteed to look good on different models

Provides a collection of Flutter grids layouts (staggered, masonry, quilted, woven, etc.).

A Flutter implementation of slidable list item with directional slide actions that can be dismissed.

A pluggable, mockable file system abstraction for Dart. Supports local file system access, as well as in-memory file systems, record-replay file systems, and chroot file systems.

A simple yet fully customizable ratingbar for flutter which also include a rating bar indicator, supporting any fraction of rating.

A flutter package which will help you to generate pin code fields. Can be useful for OTP for example.

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