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Client Flutter/Dart de acesso aos principais recursos da Api da IUGU

Discord Rich Presence for Flutter & Dart apps & games.

A simple Carousel Package with multiple types and configurations.

HTTP requests mocking library for dart and flutter. Test your application in isolation.

dart_vlc internal dependency package. Contains FFI bindings for the shared library generated by plugin.

Auto Validate Package. This package will help you to auto validate used regular expressions.

A Flutter package to develop responsive Flutter applications.

A Dependency injection (Inversion of Control) library. Supports nested Scopes and multiple values of the same type.

A new Flutter package to get world's all of Country, State, and City. And items are also searchable. In addition if city can't be found then user manually write city on dialog window.

Quickly is build for faster and cleaner development. It provides lots of extension methods on Widget, String, List and Map.

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