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A Dart package for all platforms to make some validations in native data types.

Unofficial MapMyIndia Flutter packages .MapmyIndia is an Indian technology company that builds digital map data, telematics services, location-based SaaS and GIS AI services.

Dart library to parse GEDCOM data from string input ported from popular Python library

ByteSize is a library that handles how byte sizes are represented and an easy to use interface to convert to other forms of representation also taking locale into consideration.

IMAP (version 4rev1) implementation to get emails from an external server

Inspired by the C preprocessor, this package helps you manage your project with unique source code expressions. Web support included.

A dart library which facilitates dart GRPC client for core lightning.

Dartion is a RESTful mini web server based on JSON. Up your backend in 5 Seconds!

extract values from Map/List using dot-seprated strings you don't have to cast multiple times to fetch a simple values, this is very useful while working with i.e json data

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