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Simple logging library for DIO requests. Prints request and response information to a console.

A dart package for stream duration, support countdown, countup, and countup infinity.

Provide a simple dart cache library usable on web, flutter and server side

A BIP32 ( compatible library for Flutter writing by Dart.

Client Flutter/Dart de acesso aos principais recursos da Api da IUGU

HTTP requests mocking library for dart and flutter. Test your application in isolation.

dart_vlc internal dependency package. Contains FFI bindings for the shared library generated by plugin.

A Dependency injection (Inversion of Control) library. Supports nested Scopes and multiple values of the same type.

Dart client to communicate with Centrifuge and Centrifugo from Flutter and VM over dart:io WebSocket

Proposed solution for the package fragmentation across different package and application that used a basic package like building blocks.

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