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A Flutter package create a widget that will display only one widget based on the current focused index and each change will be accompanied by an animation.

Unofficial MapMyIndia Flutter packages .MapmyIndia is an Indian technology company that builds digital map data, telematics services, location-based SaaS and GIS AI services.

A fast & simple email authentication OTP sender and verification flutter package.

A simple yet nice carousel library for your Flutter mobile apps

A beautiful and easy to use Console Logger package for Dart & Flutter

extract values from Map/List using dot-seprated strings you don't have to cast multiple times to fetch a simple values, this is very useful while working with i.e json data

Superpowers for Dart. Collection of useful static extension methods.

Darty Commons is a Package that provides a punch of useful extension methods for every application functionalities (Inspired by Anko Commons in Kotlin)

This plugin will help you to show the bottom sheet to the top of the screen.

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