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A new Flutter package to get world's all of Country, State, and City. And items are also searchable. In addition if city can't be found then user manually write city on dialog window.

Quickly is build for faster and cleaner development. It provides lots of extension methods on Widget, String, List and Map.

A Powerful Flutter Pagination Library with loading indicator at bottom.

A Flutter package for inspecting widget size and color. Useful for quick debugging or QA testing.

Dart client to communicate with Centrifuge and Centrifugo from Flutter and VM over dart:io WebSocket

Proposed solution for the package fragmentation across different package and application that used a basic package like building blocks.

A Flutter package to create easy scroll snap effect

A Dart package for all platforms to make some validations in native data types.

A Flutter plugin for Caching Json/Map<String,dynamic> to your App's temporary directory.

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