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IsolateFlutter provides a way to launch 'dart:isolate' library in Flutter (iOS and Android).

It provides a beautiful slime-like animation of a Card that separates into two.

This is a flutter package for easy use when someone need to add some loading state widget.

A dart package for stream duration, support countdown, countup, and countup infinity.

A BIP32 ( compatible library for Flutter writing by Dart.

Includes the EllipticText widget that lets you draw curved text. It comes with all the bells and whistles and is very easy to use.

Client Flutter/Dart de acesso aos principais recursos da Api da IUGU

Provide a simple dart cache library usable on web, flutter and server side

This Package is stand for reading and writing key-value pairs to your local storage.

Discord Rich Presence for Flutter & Dart apps & games.

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