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Simple logging library for DIO requests. Prints request and response information to a console.

Communicate with your feathers js server from flutter app with unbelieved ease and make happy your customers.

A simple yet powerful rich text view that supports mention, hashtag, emial, url and see more.

IsolateHttp provides a way to launch 'http' library in Isolate with IsolatesFlutter.

A Flutter package, inspiration Indonesia e-commerce widget or similiar AssistiveTouch on Iphone.

A Flutter plugin to read metadata of media files.

Nhost authentication and file storage/retrieval APIs for the Dart language.

Scroll physics to snap the user scroll at different offsets

IsolateImageCompress is a package to compress and resize the images in isolate (IsolateFlutter).

dart_vlc internal dependency package. Contains FFI bindings for the shared library generated by plugin.

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