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ProAnimatedBlur is a widget that blurs the underlying area of its child widget and it works like AnimatedContainer, AnimatedOpacity

Set of method-extensions for dart that makes using framework in a much easier and clean way also adds additional functionality.

Jiffy is a date dart package inspired by momentjs for parsing, manipulating and formatting dates

Create tile with banner at the corner. This package allow you to make a Listtile with option to show or hide banner. Banner with "New" tag or something you want. And lot more.

A Minimal and Simple carousel indicator library which take index as an argument and update indicator index. This library had pre-built slide animation.

The ultimate string validator for dart and flutter with over 40+ validators

A Flutter package providing Json Table Widget for directly showing table from a json(Map).

A Flutter widget to add links to your text. Linkable widget is a wrapper over RichText which allows you to render links that can be clicked to redirect to the URL.

A search page built for minimal work and good performance. Enjoy.

A simple yet powerful rich text view that supports mention, hashtag, emial, url and see more.

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