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a lightweight gesture detector that supports multiple types(Tap, DoubleTap, Scale, Long-Press, Move) and all callbacks can be used simultaneously

A Flutter package to create easy create loading card between two colors

A easy dart package to decode JSON Web Tokens, and to check and give its expiry dates

A persian (farsi,shamsi) datetime picker for flutter, inspired by material datetime picker.

A lightweight and platform-aware plugin for showing dialogs and alerts for both Android and iOS devices.

LinkWell is Text Plugin that detects URLs and Emails in a String and when tapped opens in users browsers,

A Package that helps with twilio API.Supports Twilio Programmable SMS.

A simple (but correct) dart class for validating email addresses

Compose and send emails from Dart. Supports file attachments and HTML emails

contactus is the package which helps the developers to add their contact information with ease.Developers can add many important details such as website, email, phone number, etc.

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