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A Flutter plugin which provides 'Picking Place' using Google Maps widget.

A Flutter Widget for displaying a Numbered_rating input with animation. this also can be used as a simple number input, where you want a fast input with only one click.

An `Amap` Search Component, Powered By `Fluttify` Engine, A Dart Bindings Generator for Native SDK.

An unofficial dart SDK which will connect to TheMovieDB. This package can be used to get Movie/TV/Person related details.

SurveySparrow's flutter SDK lets you collect feedback at various touchpoints from your mobile app users. You can easily embed surveys in your mobile app with a few lines of code.

Floating panel helps you create easy floating menu which you can drag and drop to any edge of the screen (horizontally).

Flutter app dialog is a simple package to build a custom dialog

Creates a group of floating dots (or a single floating dot) that travel at a random speed from one edge of the screen to another.

A Flutter Package for adding Floating bubbles on the Foreground to any Flutter widget.

Colorful Icons for your Flutter App, no more black and white icons

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