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String replacement with operations that are Unicode/grapheme cluster aware.

A set of utility Widgets that Provide and Connect to a Redux Store

A crash reporting library for Dart that sends crash reports to This library supports Dart VM and Web. For Flutter consider sentry_flutter instead.

Flutter plugin for discovering information (e.g. WiFi details) of the network.

Implements Windows UI in Flutter. Based on the official documentation

A routing package built on top of Router and Navigator's pages API, supporting arbitrary nested navigation, guards and more.

Easy-to-use Navigator 2.0 router for web, mobile and desktop. URL-based routing, simple navigation of tabs and nested routes.

Flutter plugin for accessing information about the battery state(full, charging, discharging).

RxDart is an implementation of the popular reactiveX api for asynchronous programming, leveraging the native Dart Streams api.

A Flutter package for getting better feedback. It allows the user to give interactive feedback directly in the app.

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