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SurveySparrow's flutter SDK lets you collect feedback at various touchpoints from your mobile app users. You can easily embed surveys in your mobile app with a few lines of code.

Creates a group of floating dots (or a single floating dot) that travel at a random speed from one edge of the screen to another.

A Flutter Package for adding Floating bubbles on the Foreground to any Flutter widget.

Colorful Icons for your Flutter App, no more black and white icons

BitLabs offers the opportunity to monetize your app with rewarded surveys easily. is a analytics and customer engagement platform. This framework helps you capture analytics, track events, send smart notifications and in-app messages to users.

Customisable, clean looking bottom floating navbar. FloatingNavBar comes with multiple customization options - colors, page indicators, etc. This can be used as an alternative to the default BottomNa [...]

Tired of building the same simple screens over and over again? Empower your product team to create and ship content using the Unflow mobile SDK.

Flutter app dialog is a simple package to build a custom dialog

XMP module helps to extract xmp data from images.

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