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A stand-alone GraphQL client for Dart, bringing all the features from a modern GraphQL client to one easy to use package.

An graphql link for token refresh. Built on top of package:graphql and manages authentication tokens transparently.

The Amplify Flutter API category plugin, supporting GraphQL and REST operations.

A simple and modular AST-based GraphQL request execution interface.

Simple, opinionated, codegen library for GraphQL. It allows you to generate serializers and client helpers to easily call and parse your data.

An token refresh library for dart. This package exposes the core components that are common to various refresh token implementations (REST, GraphQL, etc...).

Ferry is a simple, powerful GraphQL Client for Flutter and Dart.

Connect your Flutter/Dart apps to Hasura simply. All the power of GraphQL and Postgres in Flutter.

Useful builders for your GraphQL SDL and documents. Based on package:gql_code_builder and package:build

Easily connect to your GraphQL backend using the graphql package.

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