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Constructs GraphQL links for use with graphql and ferry packages

A dart client for Supabase. This client makes it simple for developers to build secure and scalable products.

Similar to gql_http_link, gql_dio_link is a GQL Terminating Link to execute requests via Dio using JSON

GQL Terminating Link to execute requests via HTTP using JSON.

GraphQL tools for parsing, transforming and printing GraphQL documents.

Firegraph is a plugin that lets you query firestore with GraphQL.

Unofficial Amazon Cognito Identity Provider Dart SDK, to add user sign-up / sign-in to your mobile and web apps with AWS Cloud Services. Based on amazon-cognito-identity-dart

The fastest + easiest way to get a GraphQL backend in Dart, using Angel.

Creates a graphql query string from maps to use with http. This will make it much easier to create a query sstring. Also, will work with unlimited levels of nested objects.

Unofficial AniList GraphQL API. Quick and easy request and fields selection with cascade operations.

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