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Fake implementation of Cloud Firestore. Use this package to write unit tests involving Cloud Firestore.

Create and sign Msix installer for flutter windows-build files.

A library to test wan android api,and flutter app ,hahaha A library to test wan android api,and flutter app ,hahaha

svg_to_paint generates dart code from a svg file. Given an xml file you can draw its simply by typing a command.

A Flutter plugin for allowing users to authenticate or pay with native Android&iOS AliPay SDKs.

An elegant Flutter Dialog solution, Easily implement Toast, Loading and custom Dialog, Make the use of the dialog box easier!

A Flutter plugin that provides a PDFView widget on Android and iOS.

Cross-platform implementation of Web Cryptography APIs for Flutter.

Niddler network inspector for dart and flutter! Use the niddler IntelliJ and Android Studio plugin to debug your network requests during development.

Adhan for Dart / Muslim Prayer Times Library. Now retrieving Prayer time in Dart easier than ever.

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