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Evolved Overlay/OverlayEntry - declarative not imperative, intuitive-context, and easy-alignment

A stellar blockchain sdk that query's horizon, build, signs and submits transactions to the stellar network.

The complete Remix Icon pack available as Flutter Icons. This package acts as a more attractive replacement for the default Material icon set.

The Flutter code generator for your assets, fonts, colors, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs.


Web3 Ethereum, Etherjs and Wallet Connect wrapper for Flutter Web. Made especially for developing Dapp.


A powerful State Management, Dependency Injection, Reactive programming and Navigation for Flutter apps.

This plugin is a simple js engine for flutter using the `quickjs` project. Plugin currently supports all the platforms except web!

Plugin that exposes environment variables to your Dart code in Flutter as well as to your native code in iOS and Android. Bring some 12 factor love to your Flutter apps

Wrapper para usar o API PIX, compatível com a maioria do PSPs. Para mais informações, acesse a documentação do PSP de sua escolha.

Share an email to device Email - Client supports multiple Attachments

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