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Plaid Link for Flutter. Integrates the native iOS, Android and Web SDKs.

Flutter plugin picker. Include NumberPicker, DateTimePicker, ArrayPicker, and default linkage Picker. Provide flexible parameters to meet various needs.

Actively maintained, community-driven chat UI implementation with an optional Firebase BaaS.

A very lite module to play system sounds and beep for flutter apps (no sound files)

Flutter plugin to detect when app(not Flutter container) goes to background or foreground

Flutter plugin to support voice recognition on Android, iOS and Mac OSX

SpinBox is a numeric input widget with an input field for entering a specific value, and spin buttons for quick, convenient, and accurate value adjustments.

Toast Library for Flutter, Easily create toast messages in single line of code

A Flutter plugin to manage Do Not Disturb settings on Android.


APNS push notification plugin. Uses firebase_messaging on Android, but replaces it on iOS with custom implementation.


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