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A Flutter Package to render Mathematics / Maths, Physics and Chemistry, Statistics Equations and expressions based on LaTeX, TeX, and MathML with HTML and JavaScript support.

A better way for new feature introduction and step-by-step users guide for your Flutter project.

A light-weight and highly customizable SVG avatar library for Flutter apps. Provides a Customizer Widget, CircleAvatar and other utility functions that are ready-to-use.

A clean and lightweight progress HUD to show a running asynchronous task for Flutter.

Flutter plugin that help you make payments through Apple and Google Pay

Flutter Plugin for Couchbase Lite, an embedded, NoSQL JSON Document Style database, supporting Blobs, Encryption, N1QL Queries, Live Queries, Full-Text Search and Data Sync.

The seamless way to work with persistent data models in Flutter. Inspired by Ember Data and ActiveRecord.

Generates random sentences and paragraphs (similar to "lorem ipsum" generators).

i18n made easy for Flutter. With flutter_i18n you can make your app international, using just a simple .json file!

Sentry SDK for Flutter. This package aims to support different Flutter targets by relying on the many platforms supported by Sentry with native SDKs.

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