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flutter_turtle is a simple implementation of turtle graphic. It simply uses a custom painter to draw graphics into a widget by a series of Logo-like commands.

A Flutter plug-in helps to install other iOS and Android apps on AppStore, Google Play or other stores.

A simple Flutter widget that presents a "play button" with a progress drawn as an arc around the icon.

flutter_open_chinese_convert bridges OpenCC (Open Chinese Convert, 開放中文轉換) to your Flutter projects.

Yet another RC4 cryptor that encodes/decodes bytes and UTF8 strings.

Free icons of Taiwan. The package contains a set of icons by a Japanese and an English designer, that coverts the themes like sights, products, traffic, etc, in Taiwan.

AnimatedPlayButton is a Flutter widget presenting several animating bars, which represent we are playing an item such as a track or a playlist..

flutter_facebook_appevents integrates Facebook App Events to your Flutter app.

KKBOX's Open API provides various data from KKBOX's rich music archive. It helps you to access data about KKBOX's song tracks, albums, artist playlist and so on.

A sample command-line Brainfuck interpreter.

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