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consumer is like react-consumer state manage, use Stream at dart, consumer have memo and shoudWidgetUpdate function to intercept update.

Flutter Android iOS web

Like javascript console.time, console.timeEnd in Dart

Dart native js
Flutter Android iOS web

safe get/set in <T extends List, Map> Object, like Safe.get(data, ['key1', 'key2'])

Dart native js
Flutter Android iOS web 有 500w 个图标,而且各个公司的设计师还在源源不断的为其增加新的图标,此库仅为了更便捷的在 Flutter 中使用 Iconfont 字体图标库; have 500 million icons, and designers of various companies are constantly adding new icons to it.


global_toast can create toast at everyware, In first Page set Totas.globalContext = context, more info please read readme or example.

Flutter Android iOS web

Here is shower's description

Flutter Android iOS web

Divider not show in browser, thin_divider is compatible web browser

Flutter Android iOS web

entangle is use Websocket web-server in dartVM. And you can use entangle-clien in Flutter.

Dart native
Flutter Android iOS

Fast backEnd server framework provided by Dart, like Koa. Easy add middleware at before request and after request. Easy extend context Type and values.[express][koa][egg]


Ease create simple toast


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