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A tool for generating 'dart:ffi' bindings for C and Objective-C libraries.

Dart native
Flutter Android iOS

Access to operating system APIs (using 'dart:ffi'). Virtual memory management, IPC pipes, file permissions, etc.

Dart native
Flutter Android iOS

Key Management Service for Flutter applications. Supports Keystore (Android), Keychain (iOS / Mac OS X), and browsers.

Flutter Android iOS

An easy command-line tool for testing and building monorepos (multi-package repositories).

Dart native
Flutter Android iOS

Access to environmental variables and local files in tests in all platforms, including browsers.

Dart native js
Flutter Android iOS web

An adapter between 'package:maps' and 'google_maps_flutter'.

Flutter iOS

A Dart implementation of Noise protocol, which can be used for securing communications (E2EE, etc.).


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