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A simple package to simplify screen management. When loading any async task, this package prevent the user from interacting with the screen until the async task finishes.

Package to make easier the proccess of creating a round circle box. The component created is fully customizable to your needs.

Package for easy use of images that are automatically cacheable and have a beautiful on the fly (but it can be configured) shimmer effect while loading

Pacote para facilitar e agilizar a comunicação com a API via_cep e obter informações sobre CEPs e localidades de todo o Brasil

Flutter bloc monitor is as the name says, a monitor for the great flutter_bloc library. You can easyli monitor all your blocs activities in an easy way.

A simple router for flutter to navigate beetween screens without the need of the context. This package also provides middleware capabilities on route transitions.

A Flutter package to handle connectivity in an elegant way, giving power to the user to display different widgets when there's or there isn't connectivity

Pacote para facilitar e agilizar o processo de escolha de municipios e estados brasileiros. Todas as informações são tiradas da API do IBGE.

A customizable flutter widget that produces a fancy timer with multiple customizable options

Tag is a widget that simplify the process of creating a tag for any given widget

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