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A modal progress indicator widget (HUD = heads-up display). Wrap around another widget to block access to widget during an async call. Also accepts a custom spinner.

Auto-generation of screenshots for Apple and Play Stores using emulators, simulators and real devices. Includes support for multiple locales and framing. Compatible with fastlane.

Flutter Tools' base plus mobile. Use to create command line tools.

Base for developing command line apps. Take from Flutter Tools.

CICD for Flutter. Automates build, testing and signing on a number of supported build servers. Automates upload to Google and Apple stores for beta testing and full release.

A utility for running Flutter integration tests on pools of real devices in cloud. Works with AWS Device Farms.

Process Manager for faking processes in tests. Taken from Flutter Tools.

Clone a Flutter app from a url. Any local dependencies are installed with the app package.

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