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Rxdart streaming shared preferences. Reactive stream rxdart wrapper around SharedPreferences. A stream based wrapper over shared_preferences, allowing reactive key-value storage.

A package helps to cancel StreamSubscriptions and close Sinks.

Some extension methods and classes built on top of RxDart - RxDart extension.

Google places autocomplete widgets for flutter. No wrapper, use Better flutter_google_places, updated by @hoc081098

Reactive storage for Dart/Flutter. RxDart Storage for Dart/Flutter.

Distinct value connectable stream for RxDart, useful for BLoC pattern

RxDart Reactive stream sqflite(sqlite) for Flutter - Sqlbrite for flutter - A lightweight wrapper around sqflite which introduces reactive stream semantics to SQL operations.

Redux implementation based on Dart Stream, with the power of RxDart. Reactive redux store for Dart & Flutter.

Convert Listenable (eg. ChangeNotifier), ValueListenable(eg. ValueNotifier) to Stream / ValueStream.

Automatically disposes StreamSubscription and closes Sink when disposing State<T>.

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