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Dart Useful Tools - collections, math, date, uri, json, events, resources, regexp, etc...

Portable HTTP client (Browser and Native support) with memory cache and support for methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH and OPTIONS.

A simple and easy way to map Objects from JSON and to Map with support for Dart Native and Dart Web.

Asynchronous tasks and parallel executors (similar to thread pools) for all Dart platforms (transparently), without having to deal with `Isolate` complexity.

Reading resource data from (package and other) files (portable fork for Web).

Chart generator with interchangeable chart engines, like ChartJS and ApexCharts.

Color palette generator, capable to generate N colors using a set of basic colors. Supports HEX and RGBA colors.

Generate and manipulate DOM (virtual and real) elements or HTML (Web and Native support).

JavaScript AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) Dart interoperability.

Simple and easy internationalization and localization messages framework for Dart (integrated with package 'intl').

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