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A Credit Card widget package, support entering card details, card flip animation.

Flutter Android iOS Linux macOS web Windows

A plugin to enable faster and more streamlined download management on Android and IOS with option to notify and view the downloaded. 该插件可在Android和IOS上实现更快,更简化的下载管理,并具有直接通知和查看下载文件的选项。

Flutter Android iOS macOS web

A flutter plugin for handling PDF files. Works on both Android & iOS

Flutter Android iOS

Simple widget that let Flutter Devs can easily integrate speedgauge to their apps with customizable options

Flutter Android iOS Linux macOS web Windows

An animated Bottom Navigation Bar for Flutter apps, icon animates into place, colors are customisable..

Flutter Android iOS Linux macOS Windows

Um Plugin de câmera para o Flutter, que funciona tanto em iOS quanto em Android. Android minSDK 21.

Flutter Android iOS

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