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Utilities for working with English words. Counts syllables, generates well-sounding word combinations, and provides access to the top 5000 English words by usage.

A small library for un-escaping HTML. Supports all Named Character References, Decimal Character References and Hexadecimal Character References.

A simple menu (picker) that works on the command line. Works on Linux, Mac and Windows. Supports choosing by arrows on ANSI terminals.

A very fast link-checker. Crawls sites and checks integrity of links both in HTML and in CSS.

A genetic/evolutionary algorithm library for Dart. Given a population of phenotypes, an evaluator (fitness function), and time, the algorithm will evolve the population until it crosses given fitness

A micro-library for statistics, especially for comparing samples.

A minimal Google Analytics interop library. Allows triggering page views and other events from Dart code.

Library for converting to and from JsonML. Can display JsonML in the DOM and can convert JsonML to and from HTML representations.

A simple, self-contained class that allows user to put a simple slot machine animation to the DOM.

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