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Play music/audio stored in assets files directly from Flutter & Network, Radio, LiveStream, Local files. Compatible with Android, iOS, web and macOS.

Web plugin for assets_audio_player, play music/audio stored in assets files directly from Flutter.

Easily add animations on your screen with AnimatedWidgets. Add always your animated widgets in your component's tree, then activate them when you want to activate the animations.

Give a custom shape to any flutter widget, Material Design 2 ready

Kenburns effect on flutter. The Ken Burns effect is a type of panning and zooming effect used in video production from still imagery.

A complete, ready to use, Neumorphic ui kit for Flutter. Dark theming compatible & fully customizable.


Import & use javascript libraries in your flutter web projects

Play an audio on flutter can be as simple as display an image ! Just add a widget into the tree

A new Flutter web package that import & wrap the Howl.js library, to be used in Web Plugin

Missing Kotlin methods ? let / run / also / takeIf / when / if ? try this awesome repository

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