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An API and dev environment for writing console (cli) apps/scripts using dart. e.g. allows you to build bash style scripts with dart.

String validation and sanitization for Dart. This implementation is a place holder until the project authors have time to release an nnbd version.

Sounds provide a complete api and Widgets for audio playback and recording. Both iOS and Android are supported.

FSM2 provides an implementation of the core design aspects of the UML state diagrams allowing both declarative transitions and dynamic transitions along with Guard Conditions.

Allows you to instantiate a StackTrace and provides logging control.

Exposes the POSIX api on OSx and Linux

Provides a simple means of saving/loading settings from a yaml file without the yaml fuss.

Automates the release of a dart package to including running dartfmt, creating a git tag, incrementing the packages version no. and pushing the package to

A wrapper for Completer which logs when the completer doesn't complete in a timel manner.

Provides simple operations for traversing a tree. Works with any tree structure providing that you can return the set of children for a node when requested.

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