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The `Enumerable` static methods extension on `Iterable` (inspired by Microsoft Enumerable).

Globbing is a library for pattern matching based on wildcard characters.

Threading is an implementation of the cooperative, non-preemptive multitasking (software threads). Also can be used in conjunction with any third-party libraries for parallel computations (for the coo

The `json_helpers` contains functions that make it easier decoding JSON objects directly from strings, lists and maps.

Embedded Dart template engine and compiler. Compiles templates to Dart source code.

The `build_it`is a builder that makes publicly available third-party source code generators and runs them during the build process for rapid development.

A type helper that helps to check if a type is a type of another type

PEG+ (Parsing expression grammar) parser source code generator, command line tool.

The `yaml2podo` is a generator and utility (all in one) that generates PODO classes to convert between JSON and Dart objects

The `rpc_gen` is a builder and generator of RPC (Remote Procedure Call) stub files.

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