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The 'strings' is a helper for the string transformation which can be useful in the code generators (such as 'camelize', 'escape', 'underscore' etc).

Collection of the lists (BitList, FilledList, GroupedRangeList, ListPointer, RangeList, SparseBoolList, SparseList, StepList, WrappedList).

Provides easy access to useful information about the system (architecture, bitness, kernel, memory, operating system, CPU, user).

File utils is a collection of the helper classes for file system.

Enumerable collections for Dart language (inspired by Microsoft LINQ).

The package 'text' allows to get detailed information about the text such as the number of lines, lines at positions, characters at locations, locations at positions, positions at locations, and vice

Unicode characters library auto generated from

The `Enumerable` static methods extension on `Iterable` (inspired by Microsoft Enumerable).

Semaphore is lightweight data type that is used for controlling the cooperative access to a common resource inside the isolate.

Parser error formatter with support for the multiple source code parts.

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