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An observable/computed object can notify value changed to observers that listen on it Built-in validation with support for localize and extends.

Validates Firebase auth tokens for verifying authentication on server-side applications.

Cross-platform request body validation library based on `matcher`.

Commanly used features in on package to reduce number of imports and dependancy issues

Devi is a fast and light framework for flutter to make work easy, Its allow to management for route, disk storage, alerts and validation.

Bloc form is lightweight library which helps you writing forms and avoid boilerplate. Library cover domain layer of forms so when using it you are still able to use your own view implementation.

This library supports kuchain address generation and verification. It enables you to create an offline signature functions of different types of transaction messages.

This package provides an easy way to validate Indian Government Documents like Aadhar,PAN and GSTIN. This is often useful to avoid the use of RegEx for validating the user inputs which maynot work in

Dart package to create immutable validated value objects with the benefit of type safety and code readability.

A set of pre-built form fields you can quickly import to do validation in various common scenarios.

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