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A collection of form field validators that can be selected and grouped into various combinations through composition — Decorator Pattern.

Quick, familiar and extensible forms in Flutter. No magical configuration required. Comes with form widgets, error text and many validation rules.

Kartal is an extension package for easy to use at app development time. You can access more features with primitive variables(context, string etc.).

Self-hosted private Dart Pub server for Enterprise, with a simple web interface to search and view packages information.

frok rom dropdown_search , fix dialog option size not dynamic issue

Auto Validate Package. This package will help you to auto validate used regular expressions.

A package for flutter for validation based on pure dart code, it will provide most of common validation like name, email, password, contact etc.

A Dart validation library to simplify the use of validation, and used to validate fields and other things

Cross-platform request body validation library based on `matcher`.

The flutter-form-field-validator package comes with several common validations and removes the boiler plate code from your project.

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