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An extension of webview_flutter to load local HTML,CSS and Javascript from Assets or Strings and much more.

A Flutter OAuth package for performing user authentication against Azure Active Directory OAuth2 v2.0 endpoint.

Library for login with LinkedIn OAuth V2 service. This library helps you to implement authorization with LinkedIn OAuth API's.

Vimeo Player Flutter package for Flutter apps. Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Flutter Unity 3D widget for embedding Unity game scenes in flutter. This library now supports Unity as a Library.

A chart library based on High Charts (.JS), able to build advanced charts like Pie chart, linear chart, etc.

A Flutter widget rendering static HTML and CSS as Flutter widgets.

A Flutter widget for rendering interactive 3D models in the glTF and GLB formats.

Tawk widget for Flutter.

A feature-rich cross-platform webview using webview_flutter for mobile and iframe for web. JS interop-ready.

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