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Static site generator. Supports markdown, mustache, partials, assets, sass. Webserver included.

A library to reload dart VM if code was changed. Tool reloads your code when source was changed.

Tools for magpie workflow, used to create template and start service.

Visual XAML for Dart/Flutter, Use xdml for developing visual dart/flutter app.

Command-line tools for the Angel framework, including scaffolding.


A Flutter package that organizes image's resolution variants inside your asset's folder. Add image list to pubspec.yaml for flutter packages.

A Dart and Flutter project automatic test runner to run tests automatically as files change. Inspired by Jest and Ruby's Guard.

Internationalization Flutter plugin based on Native APIs besides a command line tool to hep you during development phase

The CLI Tool for objD

Simple, flexible build system in Dart. Inspired by CMake and GNU Make.

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