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A rich text editor supporting mobile and web (Demo App @

A flutter client for ASP.NET Core SignalR. The client is able to invoke server side hub functions and to receive method invocations issued by the server.

ASP.NET Core SignalR Client written for Dart that is platform-independent, and can be used on both the command-line and the browser.

A Dart implementation of Leaflet to provide a Map widget for Flutter apps

Flutter widgets to replace multiple nested StreamBuilder widgets

A set of useful extension methods for Dart collections, designed for the purpose of making it easier to write functional-programming-styled, concise Dart code.

Fast and high-quality TeX math equation rendering with pure Dart & Flutter.

The easy & flexible way to use interactive maps in Flutter. Inspired by Leaflet.js.

UME is an in-app debug kits platform for Flutter apps. Produced by Flutter Infra team of ByteDance.

Signal Protocol libray for Dart native and Flutter, pure Dart implementation of the the Signal Protocol

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