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A cross-platform Flutter widget for displaying websites and other web content. Has optional navigation buttons.

Alice is an HTTP Inspector tool which helps debugging http requests. It catches and stores http requests and responses, which can be viewed via simple UI.

Select, open, choose or pick documents, images videos or other files on Android, iOS, the desktop and the web for reading, writing, use as String, byte list or HTTP uploads.

Kartal is an extension package for easy to use at app development time. You can access more features with primitive variables(context, string etc.).

A new Flutter package project.

Package that supports Flutter states and their transitions using the Model Notifier package and the Katana Routing package.

A Flutter plugin project for saving the backup key of any @‎sign that is being onboarded with @‎platform apps. The backup key can be used to authenticate in other @‎platform apps.

A simple package to add an in-app browser to your app with basic and advanced functionality.

Commons Flutter package includes alert dialogs, extension functions and much more... Written by 'Ch Arbaz Mateen'

A Flutter package to handle dialogs , snakbars , loading , shareprefranse , api requests and more.

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