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NoSQL persistent embedded database for the Web on top of IndexedDB

indexed_db dart base interface with implementation for native (browser), file (io) and in memory.

sembast NoSQL database support on top of sqflite, cross process safe database.

FLog provides quick & simple logging solution. All logs are saved to the DB which can then be exported in files.

Dart plugin for Parse Server, (, (

Manage your network layer with dio. You will be able to use it very easily network operations.

A portable file system implementation working on io, browser and memory (through idb_shim)

A wrapper for Sembast and SQFlite to enable easy, local and secure storage of fhir resources

Flutter plugin for Parse Server, (, (

Sembast storage extension for the stash caching API. Provides support to store caches int the local file system in binary format using the msgpack json format

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