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Rive support for the Flame game engine. This uses the rive package and provides wrappers and components to be used inside Flame.

Package includes all components and services used on most applications.

Loading widget based on a custom Rive animation, allow you to create beautiful custom loading widgets or dialogs

A Flutter package that implements a RefreshIndicator. This package is meant to be used along with pull_to_refresh package.

Space Indicator on EasyRefresh. Provides SpaceHeader and SpaceFooter. Animation with Rive.

Halloween Indicator on EasyRefresh. Provides HalloweenHeader and HalloweenFooter. Animation with Rive.

Skating Indicator on EasyRefresh. Provides SkatingHeader and SkatingFooter. Animation with Rive.

Squats Indicator on EasyRefresh. Provides SquatsHeader and SquatsFooter. Animation with Rive.

A new flutter plugin project.

Checkbox widget with two or three state animation with a Rive animation of your choice

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