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A Flutter plugin for controlling the camera. Supports previewing the camera feed, capturing images and video, and streaming image buffers to Dart.

A powerful grid layout system for Flutter, optimized for complex user interface design.

Easy Form State Management using BLoC pattern. Separate the Form State and Business Logic from the User Interface. Async Validation, Progress, Dynamic fields, and more.

Dart extension methods for Iterable and List. You can easily sum, count elements and many more.

A library for doing cryptographic signing/verifying and encrypting/decrypting.

A login widget with login/signup functionalities to help speed up development

A rich text editor supporting mobile and web (Demo App @

Package for load, manipulate, and save GPS data in GPX format (a light-weight XML data format for the interchange of GPS data - waypoints, routes, and tracks).

xterm.dart is a fast and fully-featured terminal emulator for Flutter applications, with support for mobile and desktop platforms.

An experimental flutter colorpicker with an optional eyedropper tool ( Material colors swatches, AHSL, ARGB and custom swatches library )

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