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Plugin to connecting bluetooth printer device, support on Android and iOS

Lailaolab BCEL QR ແມ່ນປລັກອິນສໍາລັບນັກພັດທະນາລາວທີ່ຕ້ອງການເຊື່ອມການຊໍາລະເງິນດ້ວຍ QR Code ຜ່ານທະນາຄານການຄ້າ

Twitter qr code scan package for flutter.Qr code scanner and qr code generator plugin

A new Flutter package project.

A simplified barcode/QR scanner/generator.

A new Flutter package.

share apk through webserver and direct

This is a Flutter program for generate QR of crypto address with transfer amount.

This is Fast QR displaying, for faster scanning and sharing of QR data. This is a varient of the original SaifuQR package

Flutter base component package, For example InkCell, BlocProvider, etc.

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