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A tool for managing Dart & Flutter repositories with multiple packages (monorepo). Supports automated versioning via Conventional Commits. Inspired by JavaScripts Lerna package.

Dart console SDK - write console (cli) apps/scripts using dart.

Allows Dart reflection with an easy approach, even for third-party classes, using code generation portable for all Dart platforms.

An API Client for Pub to interact with public package information.

A command-line application for FlutterFire.

ApolloVM is a portable VM (native, JS/Web, Flutter) that can parse, translate and run multiple languages, like Dart, Java, Kotlin and JavaScript.

Bones_API - A Powerful API backend framework for Dart. Comes with a built-in HTTP Server, routes handler, entity handler, SQL translator, and DB adapters.

A command line tool to help developers build an @ platform application.

Automates the release of a dart package to including running dartfmt, creating a git tag, incrementing the packages version no. and pushing the package to

Automatically generate index / barrel / library files with all the export needed for your library.

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