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sembast NoSQL database support on top of sqflite, cross process safe database.

A portable file system implementation working on io, browser and memory (through idb_shim)

Official CLI for GetX™ framework to build Flutter and Server Applications easily

A pure Dart library designed primarily for command line automation of Onvif compatible devices, but can be used anywhere Dart is used.

Toolkit for running rapidly flutter driver tests on desktop.

Native Dart interface to multiple YouTube REST APIs including the Data API, Live Streaming API and Cloud Vision API.

obs_websocket allows dart-based connections to the Open Broadcaster plugin obs-websocket

A new Flutter package you can develop attractive and/or create UI are you interested to learn documentation....

A package that enable to rename an entire app and ids in one command.

Experimental static site generator for Dart with Markdown support, Jinja templates and live-reload.

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