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A Dart package which enables checking whether a package is up to date.

A Dart package for reading XDG directory configuration information on Linux.


A process invocation astraction for Dart that manages a multiprocess queue.

Wrapper over `dart:io` [Process] API's that supports additional features.

dart_periphery is a Dart port of the native c-periphery library for Linux Peripheral I/O (GPIO, LED, PWM, SPI, I2C, MMIO and Serial peripheral I/O).

Auto-generation of screenshots for Apple and Play Stores using emulators, simulators and real devices. Includes support for multiple locales and framing. Compatible with fastlane.

A CLI for basic coverage trace files manipulation. Validate minimum coverage, filter trace files data by tested file paths and generate HTML coverage reports.

A video player powered by ffmpeg.

A benchmark harness for performance-testing Flutter apps in Chrome.

A utility for running Flutter integration tests on pools of real devices in cloud. Works with AWS Device Farms.

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