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A stellar blockchain sdk that query's horizon, build, signs and submits transactions to the stellar network.

BIP-0032 like derivation for ed25519 curve

A Dart library to connect to Tezos clients. Send transactions and interact with smart contracts!

A pure dart SSH implementation based on dartssh with bug fixes, up-to-date dependencies and sound null safety.

An agent library built for Internet Computer, a plugin package for dart and flutter apps. Developers can build ones to interact with Dfinity's blockchain directly.

This is a WAMP client (Web Application Messaging Protocol) implementation for the dart language and flutter projects.

SDK for the cryptography components for building Topl blockchain mobile apps using Flutter

ArchEthic dart library for Flutter for Node and Browser. This library aims to provide a easy way to create ArchEthic transaction and to send them over the network

The Dart implementation of the BIP32-Ed25519 the deterministic key generation solution for the Ed25519 curve.

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