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Show alert dialog or modal action sheet adaptively according to platform.

Simple CountUp timer / CountDown timer. It easily create app of stopwatch.

Provides super simple APIs for logging. The log also includes caller info by setting includeCallerInfo to true. On Android Studio, jump to called location by clicking the log.

A flutter plugin for scanning 2D barcodes and QRCodes via camera.

A widget for stacking cards, which users can swipe horizontally and vertically with beautiful animations like Tinder.

Provides bloc to descendant widget (O(1)), and the bloc is disposed appropriately by state which the bloc_provider holds internally.

This is Firebase Firestore Model Framework Library. Can be manage document reference and collection reference. And provide Firestore and Cloud Storage interface.

Firestore reference/document typed acccess helpers. You can write organized safe code by this.

Flutter plugin for showing applovin MAX mediation ads rewardvideo (Android & Ios).MAX is AppLovin's in-app monetization solution.

A set of widgets for use in Flutter apps. You can too easy custom and develop glass morphism widgets.

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