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A Flutter package for simple material design app intro screens with some cool animations.

A small library for un-escaping HTML. Supports all Named Character References, Decimal Character References and Hexadecimal Character References.

Utility for wrapping an asynchronous function in automatic retry logic with exponential back-off, useful when making requests over network.

A server and browser based MQTT client for Dart supporting normal, secure sockets and websockets.

swiper/carousel for flutter, with multiple layouts, infinite loop. Compatible with Android & iOS.

Widgets starting auto play animation when mounted. It is already possible to animate the list and icons.

Removes common accents and diacritical signs from a string by replacing them with an equivalent character.

Low-level link (text, URLs, emails, user tagging) parsing library in Dart.

Utilities for converting between data representations. Provides a number of Sink, Codec, Decoder, and Encoder types.

Flutter plugin to render PDF pages as images on Web, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS.

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