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A rich text editor supporting mobile and web (Demo App @

Share an email to device Email - Client supports multiple Attachments

Image Editor Plugin with filters, drawing, text and emoji like stories.

Field for picking image(s) from Gallery or Camera for flutter_form_builder package

Stream Chat official Flutter SDK. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.

A flutter package for applying various types of filters to an image. You can create your own filters and subfilters too.

A free, open source, complete, rapid development package for creating Social apps, Chat apps, Community(Forum) apps, Shopping mall apps, and much more based on Firebase.

This is a package with functions and widgets to make app development faster and more convenient, currently it is developed by one developer.

A Flutter plugin for iOS and Android for picking images from the image library and crop it.

Flutter package to integrate image_picker with a simple Flutter widget, allowing you to edit an image without any problems with design code development.

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