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Jaguar is a production ready HTTP server framework built for speed, simplicity and extensiblity

A high-powered HTTP server with dependency injection, routing and much more.

Simple, zero-configuration command-line http server

Transport library for sending HTTP requests and opening WebSockets. Platform-independent with builtin support for browser and Dart VM (even supports SockJS). Includes mock utilities for testing.

A simple router dispatcher for HTTP server like expressjs to serve REST api and static files.

Create samples of your Flutter widgets and preview them in real time

Parse request bodies and query strings in Dart. Supports JSON, URL-encoded, and multi-part bodies.

KDebugTools is a powerful library for debugging Flutter applications.

RapidFire Flutter Library is a comprehensive ORM system for mobile application development, used various popular Dart packages in one place. Validation, CRUD and API operations are automatic requires no code.

Sinatra inspired Web framework


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